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Jak se z nápadu ze skládky stal fungující obchod?

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Our company's philosophy has its roots in the childhood of founder František Kessner, who was always looking for ways to use things that no one wants anymore and turn them into something that has meaning and potential.

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Thanks to a serendipitous coincidence, fortune smiled on him just where everyone would least expect it - in a landfill.

"I noticed that polypropylene foam had excellent properties and immediately knew that I had stumbled upon what I had been looking for for years in a landfill."

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I started making beads out of polypropylene which allowed me to start producing finished products. Thanks to the collaboration of professionals with open hearts and minds, we were able to get to the next level and are still growing!

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Our paddleboard made of RebornK material was awarded by the jury of the 2018 competition in Amsterdam for the most recycled product in Europe.

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Thanks to the collaboration of open-hearted and open-minded professionals, the original idea, which resembled a snowflake with an uncertain existence, has become an ever-growing snowball that will not be stopped on its journey.

The most beautiful part of this journey was to receive a thank you from a wonderful being that the RebornK Flow system saved her life, improved her confidence and started generating profit. If the RebornK Flow system saves even one human being every year, we didn't do it for nothing. Together, we can do it!

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Our Team

The principles and values of our company are helped to be spread and practiced by the open-hearted and open-minded professionals that make up the RebornK team: Honza Rakovsky, Pepa Jurcik, Jarda Šmíd, Láďa Dušek, Honza Kessner, Lucka Kořistková, Ester Rozdolska, Iva Bauverová, Veronika, Tomáš Bahník, Martina Mullerová, Maruška Kessnerová, Venda Kessner, Lucie Novotná, Dana Minařiková, Jana Horáčková, Pepa Jurcik Jr. , Katka Kovandová, Aneta Mašková and Romana Křížová for the Business Friends clubs.