What do we do?

Thinking about the future and creating more sustainable alternatives We have developed our own recycled RebornK material, which can be used to make almost anything About our material!

Our material

100% waste and recyclable

We found Polypropylene foam in a landfill 10 years ago. Thanks to technologies developed by the RebornK team, the original waste has taken on a new value as you can make virtually anything out of it! Material properties

Material properties

<img alt="" src="/user/pages/01.home/03._vlastnosti-materialu/_nizka-vaha/Frame 134.png?title" />
<img alt="" src="/user/pages/01.home/03._vlastnosti-materialu/_pruznost/Frame 136.png?title" />
Flexibility and strength
<img alt="" src="/user/pages/01.home/03._vlastnosti-materialu/_snadna-sroubovatelnost/Frame 137.png?title" />
Easy screwdriving
<img alt="" src="/user/pages/01.home/03._vlastnosti-materialu/_tepelna-a-akusticka-izolace/Frame 135.png?title" />
Thermal and acoustic insulation
<img alt="" src="/user/pages/01.home/03._vlastnosti-materialu/_velka-nosnost/Frame 133.png?title" />
Large load capacity

Examples of how our RebornK material is used

    <img alt="" src="/user/pages/01.home/04._priklady-vyuziti/_ekologicke-platno/image 144.webp?title" />
    Ecological canvas
    <img alt="" src="/user/pages/01.home/04._priklady-vyuziti/_paddleboard/image 14.webp?title" />
    <img alt="" src="/user/pages/01.home/04._priklady-vyuziti/_paddleboard-copy/image 11.webp?title" />
    <img alt="" src="/user/pages/01.home/04._priklady-vyuziti/_paddleboard-copy-copy/image 15.webp?title" />
    <img alt="" src="/user/pages/01.home/04._priklady-vyuziti/_paddleboard-copy-copy-copy/image 122.webp?title" />
    Footbridge over water

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Emotional Circus

Our bespoke workshop. You can create on canvases made from recyclable materials, take photos at the photo wall or sit on furniture made from waste. I'm interested!

<img alt="" src="/user/pages/01.home/07._nemusite-se-povazovat-za-umelce/image 21.jpg?title" /> <img alt="" src="/user/pages/01.home/07._nemusite-se-povazovat-za-umelce/image 22.jpg?title" />

You don't have to consider yourself an artist

In addition to artists, our products serve inventors, builders, gardeners, do-it-yourselfers of all kinds or people with health disabilities as art therapy, for example. In short, for everyone who wants to manifest their ideas through ecological materials and give them a natural outlet.